G2 Classic Nero assoluto

The G2 is minimalist - a dash and a circle. Thanks to its proportions, it can be manufactured from rarer materials. It is designed for simpler audiophile systems but it can be equipped with a premium turntable and improved hardware.

The body is made of Zimbabwean Nero Assoluto granite. It has black to dark grey color and fine structure. By applying different types of surface treatment, quite a different look can be achieved.

In the Classic line, we return to the classic materials that have proven themselves through generations. We work with various types of stone and wood in combination with stainless steel. Each turntable is the result of traditional craftsmanship.

G2 default configuration


  • Material: Acrylic


  • 9" tonearm
  • Silver kevlar tube
  • Magnetic bearing
  • High precision counter-weight settings 

Performer V2

  • MM Cartridge
  • Massive ebony wood body
  • Output 3,3mV
  • Aluminium cantilever
  • Diamond, elliptical stylus 

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