We make turntables.

Individual models differ not only in their design but also in sound quality.
They can be customized upon request.

Turntable models

Product lines


In the Classic line, we return to the classic materials that have proven themselves through generations. We work with various types of stone and wood in combination with stainless steel. Each turntable is the result of traditional craftsmanship.


The entire Exclusive range consists of turntables that are made from unique pieces of material or made using a special manufacturing process.


Art, design and sound blend in all Art models. The line builds on cooperation with artists. We are proud that thanks to a sofisticated construction we are able to manufacture great sounding turntables with a glass body.

Turntable anatomy

1) Turntable body

The core part of each turntable. We make it from a vast range of materials.

2) Platter

We use platters made from acrylic or POM (polyoxymethylene). That are both materials with suitable physical properties for this purpose. Thanks to using ceramic–magnetic bearings, the whole system has minimum friction and produces minimal noise.

3) Tonearm and cartridge

Each of our turntables has carefully selected set of tonearm and cartridge, which are adequate to its category.

We also offer customisation of these parts to match it perfectly with the audio system. Thanks to the universal mount, it can be upgraded any time.

4) Motor

In terms of sound quality, it is always best to place the motor outside of the turntable body. Therefore all of our turntables are belt–driven.