G4 Classic – Walnut

G4 belongs with its sound quality above mainstream class, but we managed to achieve a compact appearance. In its shape, the circle becomes an ellipse, similar to classical musical instruments. The very traditional look and unobtrusiveness make it possible to incorporate it into various environments.

Matt walnut wood is only treated with wax which gives it a very natural look.

In the Classic line, we return to the classic materials that have proven themselves through generations. We work with various types of stone and wood in combination with stainless steel. Each turntable is the result of traditional craftsmanship.

G4 default configuration


  • Material: Acrylic


  • 9" tonearm
  • Kevlar tube
  • Horizontal sapphire bearing
  • Vertical ball–bearing

MC Essence V2

  • MC Cartridge
  • Aluminium–Magnesium alloy body with ceramic surface layer
  • Output 0,4mV
  • Boron cantilever
  • Diamond, Micro Line stylus 

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