G6+ B(L)ACK edition

The G6+ is our largest and heaviest turntable. It weighs approximately 45 kilos. It is also our best sounding model. Now, we have also designed the B(L)ACK Edition. G6+ was created to be a part of any setup and it can be customized even for top audiophile systems.

This model celebrates the fact that vinyl is back. That is why the B(L)ACK Edition is equipped with the highest possible number of components in black, including the 68mm platter.

G6+ default configuration


  • Material: Acrylic

Enterprise C

  • 9 inch tonearm
  • Tonearmtube is composed of six materials
  • Very low friction of bearings
  • Sophisticated decoupling system


  • MC cartridge
  • “Real Stereo” system
  • Boron cantilever
  • Diamond stylus "Micro Ridge"
  • Output voltage 0,48mV 

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