Gx Art Dark Green

A glass jewel created in cooperation with sculptor and glass artist Kryštof Rybák. Thanks to the material used, its asymmetrical shape can stand out.

The color of the molten glass initially appears to be black. In fact, it has a very dark shade of blue-green, which at the edges and thinner parts of the body goes up to turquoise.

Art, design and sound blend in all Art models. The line builds on cooperation with artists. We are proud that thanks to a sofisticated construction we are able to manufacture great sounding turntables with a glass body.

Gx default configuration


  • Material: Acrylic

Enterprise C

  • 9 inch tonearm
  • Tonearmtube is composed of six materials
  • Very low friction of bearings
  • Sophisticated decoupling system


  • MC cartridge
  • “Real Stereo” system
  • Boron cantilever
  • Diamond stylus "Micro Ridge"
  • Output voltage 0,48mV 

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